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Effective Harp Pedagogy   Jo-Ying Huang

Effective Harp Pedagogy

312 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since strategic practice is an area which is often understated or overlooked during tuition, students may have difficulty learning the music without a teacher’s direction. This research investigates the learning effectiveness of incorporating practice techniques into practice sessions. As a result, twenty practice techniques and four practice tools for harp learning and teaching have been collected. They are extremely useful for harpists from intermediate to advanced levels. These practice strategies had been incorporated into selective students’ learning process in 2010. Even though the need for each practice technique or tool is repertory dependent, the students who participated in this research have shown improvements in many aspects of their learning. This research was conducted for the purpose of identifying the means that will lead to a greater understanding of teaching and learning skills, and consequently to achieve a more effective practice and performance.
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