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Instrumental music-arrangements plays "Children's album" P.Tchaikovsky   Ivan Laptev

Instrumental music-arrangements plays "Children's album" P.Tchaikovsky

156 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Musical development of primary school pupils is a purposeful process of introducing children to the cultural world reflected in the music of the surrounding reality. P. I. Tchaikovsky's collection " Children’s album " didn't lose its charm throughout the years, the plays are still popular among children because they represent feelings that are close and interesting to the child and told in a simple and clear language. P.I. Tchaikovsky managed to create truly artistic, dreamlike and heartfelt masterpieces in the form of short plays. The easiness of perception of these plays allows considering them as a standard of familiarizing children with classical music. The offered arrangements of eight plays give an opportunity to approach scores creatively, with the help of available instruments. If these plays seem difficult for execution, it is possible to introduce amendments in scores, keeping in mind the opportunities of a particular school instrument ensemble. Performing the plays of...
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