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MEASURES in MUSIC with Listening Samples   Mehmet Ali Alkus and Huseyin Gurkan Abali

MEASURES in MUSIC with Listening Samples

76 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is part of a series composed of 4 books: “Measures in Music”, “Intervals in Temperament & Arel-Ezgi Systems”, “Scales, Modes & Maqam Scales” and “Chords & Fourth Harmony Chords”. In this study, we tried to present for the readers, as much briefly as possible, the central concepts related to the measurement in music such as the definition and types of measures, duration, speed, counting/beating. Under each subtitle, the relevant definitions are further disclosed as much openly and briefly as possible again. At the last pages of this study, the readers will find the “Tables of Listening Samples: Counting Forms with Accents” including the combinations and permutations of accents within the context of a set of measures. All of these accent combinations and permutations were presented in the forms of listening samples in the CD distributed with the book via Internet. Hence it would be easy for the readers to follow the tables by using the CD.
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