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Performance Composition: For Effective Classroom Music Education   O'dyke Nzewi

Performance Composition: For Effective Classroom Music Education

68 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Performance Composition is the creative performance principle found in indigenous African musical arts practices. It is the re-composition of a known piece, being sensitive to the contingencies of every performance occasion. This study discusses the application of African indigenous musical arts practices to modern music education and highlights the principles of indigenous music education and how its effective adaptation to modern music education could help develop creative thinking in the minds of young learners. It will look at creativity as critical in early childhood development in Africa. It will also discuss ways in which exploring and harnessing the creative talent in young African learners can guide and focus them in their educational and life pursuit. Finally the study gives a detailed documentation of practical experiences of the author working with students and teachers in different contexts and countries, which teachers of African instrumental music might find helpful for...
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