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Vision Quest   Vince Gassi

Vision Quest

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A musical work, like any artistic creation, begins with a concept in the composer’s mind. Composers, like all artists, must navigate through the various stages of the creative process. As they do, their composition evolves in a unique way that is determined by the concept. The more detailed the concept, the easier it is to generate ideas. Conversely, the process affects the concept. This thesis will explore the unique relationship between concept and process. While discussing the creative process, the author also deals with fear of the blank page, the role of the subconscious in generating original ideas, obstacles to creativity, musical influences, and the mechanics of composing. The author then presents a detailed analysis of Vision Quest, an original work for symphonic band composed by the author (now available from Alfred Publishing). Finally, following a discussion of the challenges of writing music for young musicians, the author offers some closing thoughts on creating a...
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