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The Rough Guide to The Best Music You've Never Heard   Nigel Williamson

The Rough Guide to The Best Music You've Never Heard

Rough Guides
175x175 288 страниц. 2008 год.
Rough Guides
"The Rough Guide to The Best Music You've Never Heard" tells the amazing stories of the musicians that history forgot: bands that could have been The Beatles, mavericks the mainstream missed and pop stars too good for the charts. Whether hell-raising rockers, sensitive songwriters, foul-mouthed rappers, lost soul divas or folky hippies (or any combination thereof), they are all in this book for one reason: they made truly great music. Often casualties of critical fashion or personal tragedy, these unjustly neglected victims of musical fate embody over 200 extraordinary tales of musical glory that once was, that might have been or that still could be. If you want to hear some great new music, you'll find it here. If you think you've heard it all, prepare to be put to the test.
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