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The Mind's Eye: The Art of Omni  

The Mind's Eye: The Art of Omni

315x295 224 страниц. 2014 год.
Powerhouse Books
Omni was a jewel among popular science magazine of its era. Science Digest, Science News, Scientific America, and Discover may have all been selling well to armchair scientists but Omni masterfully blended cutting edge science news and science fiction, flashy graphic design, a touch of sex, and the images of a generation of artists completely free and unburdened by the disciplines of the masters. Created by the legendary Bob Guccione, better known as the founder of Penthouse than perhaps any of the other facets of his inspired career in business, art, and literature, Guccione handpicked the artists and illustrators that contributed to the Omni legacy - they in turn created works ignited by passion and intellect, two of Guccione's principal ideals. THE MIND'S EYE: THE ART OF OMNI is the very first publication to celebrate the stunning details of the exceptional science fiction imagery of the era in an oversized format. THE MIND'S EYE will contain approximately 175 or more...
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