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Led Zeppelin: The Concert File   Dave Lewis, Simon Pallett

Led Zeppelin: The Concert File

125x155 392 страниц. 2005 год.
Omnibus Press
At their peak, Led Zeppelin's gigantic rock shows outsold every other band on the planet, and this celebratory guide features every detail of their remarkable career. Originally published in 1977, this is much more than a reference book. Led Zeppelin were the quintessential live rock act, setting the blueprint for rock and metal that has barely changed since. This book unfolds the Zeppelin saga from their beginnings on the London club scene, through the ballrooms of America and on to the record-breaking tours, private jets and legends of debauchery. This long-awaited update includes An accurate guide to exactly when and where the quartet played Reviews, recollections and on-stage comments that add fresh perspective to the legends and myths Masses of rare ticket stubs, flyers, posters and photos Full details of all major TV and radio appearances Extensive bootleg and visual film references Solo appendices bringing the whole story right up to date.
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