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Phil Spector: Wall of Pain   Dave Thompson

Phil Spector: Wall of Pain

130x200 344 страниц. 2009 год.
Omnibus Press
The name Phil Spector is legendary in the music world. Writer and producer of countless chart-topping hits that have now become household names, his innovative genius in the studio revitalised musical production in the 1960s and changed the way we listen to music forever. But his success soon became overshadowed by his reputation for eccentricity and excess, his fractious personality and fascination with handguns eventually proving a lethal combination. Arrested in 2003 for the murder of B movie start Lana Clarkson, this star-studded career nosedived into scandal and rumour. He is now in prison serving a 19 year sentence for murder and will be 88 years old before he is considered eligible for parole. Featuring interviews from those closest to him, including second wife Ronnie Spector, "Wall of Pain" concludes the painful tale of pop's tortured genius.
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