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The State Russian Museum: Guide  

The State Russian Museum: Guide

120x225 176 страниц. 2009 год.
П-2, Медный Всадник
"You have entered the rooms of the Russian Museum Outside, beyond the walls of the palace, there has remained the noisy city. In the palace you find yourselves in the realm of calm and silence - a calm of museum suites, a silence of paintings, sculptures and drawings. But are they really silent? The museum can be compared to a giant theatre and its rooms to the stage where a grand performance is under way. Like a usual performance this pageant of art is built up of numerous mise-en-scenes - only here they are arrested for ever (or probably for a moment?) in thousands of pictures, statues and engravings. Look at them closely-and you will discern the well-known theatrical genres: tragedy, drama, comedy and pastoral. And literary forms can be identified quite easily too: novels, stories, novellas, poems and sonnets. Listen to them attentively - and yen will make another rewarding discovery: artists and their characters address to you from the depth of time speaking the...
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