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Other Realities   Jerry Uelsmann, Peter C. Bunnell, Paul Karabanis

Other Realities

2005 год.
Rediscover the work of an acknowledged American master whose influence has been immeasurable but is only now beginning to be fully understood and appreciated. Jerry Uelsmann is a modern master of photography, one of a select group of artists who can be said to have altered the very language of their medium. By synthesizing his photographs from multiple negatives starting in the 1960s, Uelsmann broke rank with the prevailing aesthetic of the period and pioneered a new approach that would influence countless artists and photographers and anticipate the digital-image revolution by a generation. OTHER REALITIES showcases a personal selection of Uelsmanns most compelling images from the early 1960s to the present. An accessible and insightful foreword by photography critic and historian Peter C. Bunnell, and a preface by Paul Karabinis, director of the University Gallery of South Florida, open the book.
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