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Italian Renaissance Portraits   Klara Garas

Italian Renaissance Portraits

190x190 50 страниц. 1965 год.
Corvina Press
At the beginning of the 15 th century, a new genre sprouted from the soil of medieval painting: the portrait. Its precursor, the small image of the artist or of the donor, appeared on the paintings of the previous century, mostly tucked away modestly at the edge of a larger composition. But now the images gained independence, radiating the conscious individualism of Renaissance man and his longing for fame and glory. Klara Garas, director of the Museum of Fine Arts, selected from the collection of the Museum those pieces which present most characteristically the birth of a new genre and the process of its formation, from the still Gothic Giovanni dal Ponte to the mannerist Bronzino. Most of the pieces selected were little known even to the experts although they include the works of outstanding masters, portraits by Gentile Bellini, Raphael, Sebastiano del Piombo, Giorgione, Titian, Paolo Veronese and Tintoretto.
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