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Jackson Pollock   Francis V. O'Cnnnor

Jackson Pollock

245x225 148 страниц. 1967 год.
The Museum of Modern Art
One of the most controversial artists of our time is unquestionably Jackson Pollock, whose paintings have provoked both unstinting praise and vituperative attack. Much has been written about Pollock's work, but relatively little about the man himself; and hitherto there has been no dependable account of the background, development, and achievements of his short career. This book, issued in connection with a major retrospective exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, provides just such a factual account, in succinct outline form. The author, Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of Maryland, has had access to previously unpublished and often unavailable documents, and presents a brief but detailed narrative of the events of Pollock's life, accompanied by a summary of the exhibitions of his work and a selection of contemporary criticism. The facts are allowed to speak for themselves, untangling many confusions and dispelling myths that have long stood in the way of an...
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