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The Hermitage: Western European Painting   Yu. Kuznetsov

The Hermitage: Western European Painting

70x75/16 196 страниц. 1980 год.
The picture gallery constitutes the Hermitage's principal section, as also the oldest in point of time. It came into being with the acquisition, in 1764, of 225 paintings by Western European masters from the Berlin merchant Gotzkowsky. Over the next two centuries the Museum's collection increased to 8000 pictures. Practically all schools and trends that were ever in vogue in Western Europe since the beginnings of easel painting down to the middle of the twentieth century are represented in this collection. The numerous masterpieces on exhibit or in storage have brought the gallery world-wide fame. Every year, more than 3000000 visitors from all over the Soviet Union and many foreign countries discover for themselves the celebrated creations of the artistic genius of the peoples of Western Europe.
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