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Women Before 10 a.m.  

Women Before 10 a.m.

240x285 144 страниц. 2004 год.
Powerhouse Books
Voila! A superbly captivating collection of our favorite pop culture beauties - wonderfully captured in the privacy of their homes before ten o'clock in the morning. Women Before 10 a.m. is celebrity photographer Veronique Vial's deliciously intimate group portrait of the most alluring up-and-coming (and occasionally very famous!) women in the public eye early in the morning. Caught in the act of sleeping, snuggling, primping, canoodling, dressing, eating, smoking, bathing, parenting, or waking up are today's sexiest and most sought after actresses, models, artists, and celebrities. The results are humorous, touching, elegant, sexy, and above all, very feminine. Actor and filmmaker Sean Penn adds his inimitable presence to the intimate atmosphere with a melodic ode to a woman's seductive allure in the lazy, dreamy light of the early morn. This sumptuous compilation of Women Before 10 a.m., in tandem with Vial's new book, the highly praised and provocative Men Before 10...
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