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Railway Posters   Thierry Favre

Railway Posters

250x315 184 страниц. 2011 год.
Antique Collectors' Club
RAILWAY POSTERS tells the story of the development of railways and train travel through the posters which were used to promote them, taking the reader on a visual journey from the bygone era of passenger steam locomotives to modern day high speed electric trains. In the early days, railways were principally used to carry goods and a small number of passengers on local services. They then came to be used by the wealthy, who travelled in sleeping cars, and companies began to see the potential of increasing passenger numbers. This lead to the promotion of train travel for tourists, with depictions of mountains, lakes, spas and seaside resorts featuring widely on large posters. They soon appeared everywhere from markets to underground lines evoking dreams of possible destinations and happy holidays.
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