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Francois Couperin: Concerto VI Bb Major for Oboe (Violin) and Basso Continuo   Francois Couperin

Francois Couperin: Concerto VI Bb Major for Oboe (Violin) and Basso Continuo

220x290 25 страниц. 2015 год.
In 1724 Francois Couperin published a collection of two-part concertos, which he designed a l'usage de toutes les sortes d'instruments de Musique (for the use of all sorts of musical instruments). This very important collection is entitled. From it we have taken the present 6th concerto. The choice of a solo instrument was not too difficult, c1 is the deepest, d3 the highest note of the solo part, so two of three possible wind instruments, recorder and cross-flute, are out of the question (f1 is the deepest tone of the treble recorder, d' the deepest tone of the baroque cross-flute). The complete lack of even the simplest double stops nearly excludes the possibility that this concerto actually might have been written for violin. The oboe seems to be the right instrument for the piece, so it is justified to include it into the "Oboe-Bibliothek".
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