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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sonata F Major for Oboe and Piano: KV 13   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sonata F Major for Oboe and Piano: KV 13

220x290 12 страниц. 2015 год.
With his six sonatas KV 10-15, the eight-year-old Mozart succeeded in producing 'Spielmusiken' (play pieces) of priceless quality. It is hardly conceivable that a child of this age should compose pieces which are to be taken seriously, in which his un-awakened genius is already to be detected in certain places (the slow movements amongst others), so it is not surprising that these compositions are still strongly influenced by the conventions of the time: joyful and entertaining music, written for the pleasure of performer and audience alike. The title ('Six Sonates pour le Clavecin... avec l'accompagnement de violon ou Flaute traversi?re...') implies that the instrumentation is not definitive and that performers can choose, according to the possibilities available; this reflects entirely the musical practice of the time. This, and the fortunate fact that the range of the 'accompanying' melody instrument corresponds to the range of the oboe (apart from a few low notes),...
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