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Creative DSLR Photography: The Ultimate Creative Workflow Guide   Chris Weston, Chris Coe

Creative DSLR Photography: The Ultimate Creative Workflow Guide

Digital Workflow
190x245 200 страниц. 2010 год.
Рид Элсивер, Focal Press
"Creative DSLR Photography" focuses on the creative composition skills needed to develop your own artistic style. Covering the key factors to be considered before, during and after the shoot, this essential guide offers advice that you can incorporate directly into your photographic workflow to dramatically improve your images. Focus on the creative techniques you need to help you visualize and capture the perfect shot; Features inspiring images from two professional photographers, from a wide variety of genres; Covers the complete creative workflow, from pre-capture through to output, with insightful tips to immediately improve your results. Covering a wide variety of genres such as travel, nature and landscape photography. "Creative DSLR Photography" is packed full of inspiring imagery and a wealth of professional insight into how each stunning shot was created. Beginning with the basics of visualization and perception, the book goes on to...
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