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The Book of Fashion Accessories  

The Book of Fashion Accessories

2013 год.
All fashion accessories have a historic beginning and an evolution. They all started life for practical reasons, to protect our feet from the cold, our face from the sun, our personal belongings, etc. Even jewelry, despite the fact that it is more decorative in nature, has in turn been used to distinguish various social groups or classes. Such facts are important to know and will be observed in the small details. Details we shall use to present a gallery of innovative photos and unveil a wide range of contemporary fashion accessories invarious chapters: shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, hats, shawls and gloves, etc. Those that think that everything has already been invented in the accessory world are wrong. Today's fashions have obviously drawn from centuries of costume history. However, new techniques and new materials, combined with the explosion of contemporary creativity, have generated a challengingwhole world of accessories. The final chapter, devoted to the concept of...
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