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Dance and Consciousness   Leonor Beltran

Dance and Consciousness

56 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Dance is born and grows with the human being. To understand it is to enter a universe where the essences of humanity speak to us across time and space. We develop with our own talents and nature, reveal our true being via our deepest invisible content: the essence of the human spirit. Our nature becomes an expression of culture, a living act, the result of true human development. Dance can transform, materialise the invisible, lend form to an idea. Dance and science share a common nucleus: the act of creation. Dance frees us from our tensions, our repressed and unconfessable universes; we become more sensitive, attentive, capable of creating and of understanding the other and enriching our own humanity. Dance is a mirror on the soul. It shows what we are and are not aware of in ourselves. Movement reveals who we are to others who can interpret this truth, through which we can come closer to our real nature and identity. This is the power of the arts in human development and in...
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