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No Peace   Ram Samocha

No Peace

76 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
No Peace is the title of a drawing installation made by Israeli born artist Ram Samocha. As an immigrant, Samocha focuses on the issues of personal and global transformation and combines drawing with video, animation, and performance in the hope of gaining a more communicative interaction with the viewer. The work does not illustrate a political narrative but reflect on recent global issues by using the personal language of art. The drawings make use of the vocabulary of abstraction while presenting the physical process of a repetitive line-based action. Samocha is inspired by the intuitive language of children’s drawings which is reflected in the colourful images of his large scale works done on unstretched canvas. The joyful and psychedelic feel of his images are interrupted by troubled titles such as Sirens, Criss-CrossFire, Sand Clock, Concertina Wire, and Green Cease-Fire. In this book Samocha talks about the emotional restlessness of an immigrant artist who...
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