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Meskhetian/Ah?ska Turks in the US and Their Academic Achievement   Mehmet Akif Cingi

Meskhetian/Ah?ska Turks in the US and Their Academic Achievement

68 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Think about a nation that was deported several times including from their homeland. Meskhetian/Ah?ska Turks were not told where they would be sent from Georgia which is their homeland, they could not find a chance to pack. They were loaded into a freight car and the journey took 18 days. Many of them died because of typhoid. They were faced dicrimination in Uzbekistan and a pogrom broke out. The result was another disappointment for Ah?ska Turks; approximately 17.000 people deported to the Russia by the Soviet Army. Life did not change for Ah?ska Turks in Krasnodar/Russia, discrimination, lack of nationality, and violonce had opened them another door:USA. Around 9000 Ah?ska Turks were resettled in over 30 states. After 60 years, they finaly find a place which could be called as home. Think about a nation that deported several times and try to think about their success in American schools. The purpose of this work was to learn how successful were Ah?ska Turks in American schools...
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