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The Role Of Park In Enhancing The Quality Of Life In Urban Environment   Rania Rushdy Moussa

The Role Of Park In Enhancing The Quality Of Life In Urban Environment

152 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Parks are placed high on the research agenda addressing their social, economic, and environmental influences. They been recognised as contributors to the physical quality of urban environments. More recently, a broader view of parks has emerged. This view goes well beyond the traditional value of parks as places for recreation and visual delight, to depict them as valuable contributors to broader strategic objectives, such as property values, place attractiveness, job opportunities, social belonging, public health, tourist development, and improving the overall quality of life (QOL) for individuals and societies. The present book aims to examine the role of parks in enhancing the quality of human life in urban environments. It measures QOL in terms of 'human needs' and 'subjective well-being'. Finally, the study concludes a understanding of the impact of public parks upon improving the QOL, as a synthesis of the findings from 'human needs' and 'subjective well-being'. This should...
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