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Artists' geographies of the landscape-archive   Edwina fitzPatrick

Artists' geographies of the landscape-archive

156 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This practice-based research project argues that the landscape is operating as an archive in the Anthropocene Age, because it bears a permanent geological trace of human activity through climate change. Similarly, an art archive preserves our histories and activities to reflect aspects of our culture. It is also a repository of our activities’ outcomes ?– of our achievements or detritus, depending on one’s viewpoint, so both landscapes and art archives reveal our traces. However, once something is perceived to be at risk, the fear ?of loss and the impulse to preserve emerges. The book’s narrative arc starts with landscape-archive and articulates it with the art archive. It moves on to artists who archive their own work (as most site engaged practitioners do) and finally looks at artists who act as archivists of the landscape-archive, thereby becoming artist-archivists of the landscape-archive. It asks what do we want to preserve in the Anthropocene Age? The project engages with the...
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