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The Visualisation of Sound   David Lemm

The Visualisation of Sound

68 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
From experimental animation to painters obsessed with representing sound in colour, the visualisation of sound and the interlinking of the senses has been a pursuit and obsession of artists, but also scientists and philosophers for centuries. Nevermore so has the visualisation of sound been more prominent in our day to day life with music videos becoming a cornerstone of the media we consume, willingly or not. Why is it such an enduring goal to combine sound and vision and how does music video relate to 18th century jesuit mathematicians? Is music video the 'Total art' dreamed of by early experimentations in visualising sound? This overview considers the pursuit of the true visualisation of sound, and how the lines between the senses, between art and science, are at their narrowest when correlations between sound and image are explored
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