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Applied Live Art: Socially Engaged & Site-Responsive Performance   Roberto Marcelo Sanchez-Camus

Applied Live Art: Socially Engaged & Site-Responsive Performance

160 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Applied Live Art looks at the ways in which performance can integrate participants and local context into the development of performance work. Three site-specific and socially engaged projects outline a methodology of practice that can integrate participants as co-authors. The book explores locale by delving into the rituals and myths in Naples, Italy; listening and sharing young people’s stories on HIV/Aids in northern Ghana; and traversing the psychogeographic boundaries of memory in Beirut, Lebanon. The projects all experimented with the role of authorship, focusing on how a practitioner can shift the attention from the artist to the body politic. Applied Live Art is proposed as a term to describe practices that include a hybrid of time-based media options, which include a social component as their primary focus. For those interested in the social interventions of Tino Seghal and Santiago Sierra, or the artist walks of Francis Alys and Janet Cardiff, or the collaborative practices...
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