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Experiencing by Interacting   Yifan Wang

Experiencing by Interacting

148 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
The study focuses on the manifestation of mediated experiences in interactive digital media environment in visual arts, conducted by human-computer interactive technologies. This study will be constructed through analysis of the connections, indications and reflections of mediated experience in various factors integral interactive virtual environment. The concept of mediated experience will be consistently discussed through different representative artworks, in order to map the concept particularly in the territory of digital interactive arts. As the most controverted and been discussed concept, it would be a poorly conceived research without studying experience in its philosophical, social and cultural roots. Instead of explaining an abstract concept, I attempt to construct a framework that forms a support for understanding it through diverse artistic experiments. The considerations, in a broader point of view, will pave the road for the future manipulation and application of...
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