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Revisting the urban vision. by Terry Matassoni   Matassoni Terry

Revisting the urban vision. by Terry Matassoni

56 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Terry Matassoni''s paintings are discussed in relation to the theme of alienation both as a personal experience and as a universal characteristic of the modern condition. This book sheds light in how the artist constructs a work of art with such contemporary thematic preoccupations in mind? The artist became influenced by the visual imagery and narrative elements of the cinema The idea of the urban landscape as a spectacle is one which the artist embrace''s. He gather''s and juxtapose images, concepts and motifs from everyday life producing works that are both a world observed and one constructed in his imagination, shaped according to his own visual aesthetics. It is not just a question of what he sees his art is also an exploration of our increasing desire to gaze and be gazed upon. The role of the viewer is paramount. The stage like settings, the ambiguous relationships between interior and exterior, private and public.
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