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Science of art in African creative cosmos: the Igbo creative logic   Meki Nzewi and Doris Weller

Science of art in African creative cosmos: the Igbo creative logic

212 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Blurb Creative ideology in indigenous Africa translates potent cosmic and nature stimulations into concrete, holistically structured artistic expressions that transact momentous human and societal issues. Soft scientific constructs that manage mind wellness and transact normative societal ethos mark African artistic expressions. The intellectual perspective in this book privileges the original African creative philosophy, theoretical logic, humanity purposes and transmission ideals. Part 1, the Earth of creativity is a study of the centrality of earth force, and thereby the predominance of womanly agency and attributes in African creative consciousness. Part 2, The Scientific junction of creativity and performance, unpacks the subtle (intangible) science of mind and societal management that underpins all genres of African expressive Arts, which were indigenously conceived and practiced as a holism. The book is intended for persons interested in cognitive understanding, transmission...
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