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New Types of Drawing in Fine Art   Dr EUGENIA FRATZESKOU

New Types of Drawing in Fine Art

64 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The present study focuses on new types of drawing in fine art, as investigated in relation to their interdisciplinary context. The main aim is to reconsider the conventional idea of the process of creation, that is, one that proceeds from a concept to a preparatory drawing and concludes in a finished work. This investigation involves the questioning of the traditional role of drawing and the status of a ''finished artwork''. The possibility that the stages of an artwork''s completion are not successive and separated will be explored through the acknowledgement and understanding of their ''in-between workings''. These ''workings'' show a wider ''network'' of the co-ordinates that initially may be rejected as dead ends that lead to an entropic chaos. Exploring the key ideas of the Platonic "chora" and the architect Peter Eisenman''s "interstitial space", this book presents how the ''in-between workings'' encourage the evaluation and development of the initial ideas we intended to...
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