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Fashion Ethics and Sustainability   Rasika Karekar

Fashion Ethics and Sustainability

228 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book explains the ethics and sustainability in the fashion industry. There are many issues that has not yet been in the spot light. The author is from the developing country, India where many high street as well as luxury brands production takes place. Hence, the author has got the clear idea of the issues that needs attention. This book is anyone who want to bring the change in the fashion industry and is looking for a starting point. This book explains the terms 'fashion ethics' and 'fashion sustainability' in detail. The book begins by introduction to the book, which explains why the book has been written. The first section explores the luxury brands and the consumer consumption. The section two analyses the impact of ethics and sustainability on both the high street and luxury. The section three examines the option materials and the other necessary processes in the manufacturing units. The section four stands as an inspiration for other brands to look...
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