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Accumulation   Erica Raby


68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Arrangements or assembled installations and mixed- media drawings that expose the anxieties, uncertainties, absurdities and overall fragility of our world. The installations are constructed of found materials compulsively collected and saved, including but not limited to post-consumer waste, salvaged wood, and natural material. These materials become transformed and arranged in a delicate temporal manner as I contemplate their wasteful accumulation within our culture. The arrangement of forms and structures throughout the work is determined by playfulness, discovery, and experimentation. Utilizing and manipulating post- consumer waste in my work enables me to maneuver through the anxiety stemming from my environmental concerns. This process is at time meditative and can provide a release for my unease. Although the work in the end may appear to be naively constructed arrangements, they require a closer contemplative understanding of the relationship between the ...
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