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A Parliament of Monsters, the animal body as art and entertainment   Rod McRae

A Parliament of Monsters, the animal body as art and entertainment

92 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
I propose that it is because of the authenticity of taxidermy, and the empathy it garners in the viewer, that puts this medium in a unique position to recharge the conservation and climate change debate. This work explores the journey humans and animals have made together since antiquity, a torrid history of exploitation and interdependence and how this journey informs the way we reference the Animal Body in art and entertainment today. My question is; in these times of climate change fatigue - can I create and exhibit artworks using the medium of taxidermy that will talk to a broad audience and add to the general conservation debate? Given the level of fatigue in and around the climate change exacerbated by big industry, the conservative press and small thinking politicians, it would seem timely to explore new ways to engage the public in conservation issues more generally and climate stress in particular. I argue that conventional methods in producing sculpture, specifically...
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