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Existential Travels in Tokyo   Ash Hibbert

Existential Travels in Tokyo

96 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Through a study of Western authors and their representations of themselves and their Japanese experiences, I argue for a mutually complementary relationship between the philosophies Existentialism and Phenomenology, and travel, and attempt to codify features of a hypothetical ‘Existential traveller-hero’. I will study a collection of Western writers who have travelled to and written about Japan, and try to analyse how their ‘travel strategies’ resemble an arguably Existential and/or Phenomenological paradigm. I do this through looking at philosophical and technical strategies within travel writing, as demonstrated by the lives and writings of authors such as Donald Richie – whose approach to cultural understanding clearly privileges engagement with the locals over construction of theoretical models – and French existentialist philosopher and pioneer Jean-Paul Sartre. It is specifically through Richie’s writings that I attempt to illustrate the qualities of an ‘Existential...
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