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People Perception About Wildlife Conservation in K. W.S.India   Vipul Maurya and Sabyasachi Dasgupta

People Perception About Wildlife Conservation in K. W.S.India

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Human animal conflict arguably remains one of the most complexes of all wildlife conservation and management problems. Many people believe that wildlife conservation is important, but the vast majorities have never done anything about it. In Uttarakhand, where most of the populations are dependent on forest. Man animal conflict is increasing day by day because of pressure on forest. So the present study was carried out in Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary. The aim of the study was examining the opinion of people about Wildlife Conservation and identify the causes of conflict as well as plan for future measures of minimizing the conflict.In order to stop the conflicts between man and animal, people suggested for the proper fencing around the agricultural land so that it would be the best measure to check the conflicts. Also villagers suggested for Van Panchayat and alternate employment opportunities as a measure to minimize the conflict between man and animals. Besides, it also includes...
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