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Artists Experiencing Immigration   Diana Barabas

Artists Experiencing Immigration

84 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Feeling at home in today’s rapidly changing world is a project rather than a given. More and more individuals, even entire communities must leave behind their familiar environments. Within this context, displacement can be interpreted as an identity crisis; one which puts into question, and at times suspends, the possibility of telling a coherent story thus allowing the storyteller to be a powerful, creative agent. The guiding questions of this book relate notions of identity, displacement and art. As artists, what are our particular ways of addressing the issue of identity in the context of immigration? What are our strategies of relocation? What are the implications for art education? To answer these questions the author gathered and analyzed the life narratives of three recent immigrant women who use art to express themselves. Included in this analysis are reflections related to the author’s immigration from native Romania to Canada. Focusing on the artists’ accounts, the book...
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