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An Analysis of the Profitability of China’s Animation Sector   He Wang

An Analysis of the Profitability of China’s Animation Sector

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book aims to both contextualize and create a business plan for an animation production project that features “edutainment” (education and entertainment) elements, targeting children aged 7 to16 from China and the United States. To support and solidify the development of this business plan, systematic research and analysis were conducted about the historical background and current status of the Chinese animation and the U.S. animation industry. Using the analysis of business operation methods developed in the first part of the book, Chinese producers might be able to generate profit from the underdeveloped domestic market. The second part of this book includes the investment portfolio and the pitch materials developed for investors. By analyzing the operational and profit-generating system of leading U.S. animation companies, this book intends to provide practical suggestions and strategies based on the U.S. experience, which may be applicable to the Chinese animation sector.
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