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Evaluation of Nigeria's Cultural Policy Implementation, 1988-1998   Osedebamen David Oamen

Evaluation of Nigeria's Cultural Policy Implementation, 1988-1998

228 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The cultural policy of a country is central to the development of the country. Nigeria is a developing country in Africa with a written cultural policy, which has been implemented above sixty three percent,within or a little above ten years at inception, thereby contributing to the social, economic and political advancement of the country. This achievement is worth appraising with a view to encourage countries without cultural policies to develop theirs, implement and evaluate towards redirection,where necessary. This book provides examples on how policy can be evaluated using key areas of implementation strategy and participant observation method. It will also assist in the planning of cultural policy. This book is therefore, a source to cultural managers, arts administrators, cultural policy planners and scholars.
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