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Being-Body as Incorporeal Tracing and Enfolding-Mind by Tactile Sight   Yun Jeong Hong

Being-Body as Incorporeal Tracing and Enfolding-Mind by Tactile Sight

56 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Humans have been able to define their world and recognize themselves as independent individuals through experiences and the process of reconstituting memories. But how can we understand the moment apart from a flow of time and history? How can we know the distances between our thoughts and bodies? How can we separate and then refine the subject and mind from the body? If the external space of the subject can be defined by the body, then what about the internal space called the mind? What is the function of the body toward the mind, and what is the border between them? How far is it from the cognitive recognition of coldness to skin trembling in the breeze? Are extreme sensations happening all over the skin reflections of mind or the external world? And the ultimate question—what is body and what is mind? This book aims to overcome the binary opposition of mind and body that is present in traditional art theories, and to unfold the dynamic movement of the corporeal intentionality of...
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