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Participatory Action Research with Chinese-American Families   Yinghua Wang

Participatory Action Research with Chinese-American Families

444 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book explores a collaborative and co-learning process with three Chinese-American families living in the Bay Area, California. These families and the researcher worked together toward creating an interactive website that sought to make learning Chinese art and culture fun and meaningful for Chinese-American children. The families were involved in the design process and discussed how Chinese children’s identity is shaped by their family cultures and educational experiences. The book examines the theories of multicultural art education, and how they are related to the participatory action research methodology. It also looks at how the research is connected to the Chinese-American community, and why the study uses Chinese traditional art as the main content of the participatory process. This book also explores the technological perspective of the research, which includes a discussion of the theoretical support for using interactive technology in education, current practices in art...
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