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The Shinning Self   Cesario Augusto Pimentel de Alencar

The Shinning Self

480 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Resulting from doctoral research conducted under the guidance of Professor Phillip B. Zarrilli, this book sets up, suggestively, the meaning and application of two of the performer?s creation tools, which are the "character" and "role". Starting from three practical assignments exercised as case-studies, we undertook a systematic empirical investigation of the craft of the performer, concluding the validity of considering, hypothetically, the "character" and "role" as complementary yet differentiated terms. Working in a artistic-scientific laboratorial research, theoretical discussions traveled through etymological, sociological, semiotic, philosophical and theatrical perspectives, also evaluating the situations emerging from the case-studies. Including into the research per se, we participated actively in the psychophysical performer training conducted by Phillip based on Indian martial art kalarippayattu, as well as Chinese taijiquan and Indian hatha yoga. This balance has provided...
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