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Visions of the Future, Women and Nature in Ecotopian Literature   Dominika Wolanska

Visions of the Future, Women and Nature in Ecotopian Literature

60 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Have you ever wondered what future awaits us and our planet? No one can offer a definite answer to this question but there are possible scenarios. This book tackles the challenges posed to humanity in this day and age and beyond. Over the last years we have been observing our planet changing rapidly. Our environment has lost its balance as we are losing the rain forests, species of animals and people in effect of the natural catastrophes. What kind of a planet will our descendants inherit? Will it be a toxic and dangerous place to live in? Will the Earth''s inhabitants continue to be oppressed by the patriarchal regime of war and destruction? This work offers a vision of how to liberate our planet and its inhabitants from pollution and oppression and move towards a recognition that all living beings are interconnected. It provides an ideological framework which helps to understand the underlying reasons for oppression of women, animals and nature. It offers an analysis of the nature...
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