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Decipher Magic of Visual Thinking in Sessions and Inform by a Concept   Po-Chih Tsai

Decipher Magic of Visual Thinking in Sessions and Inform by a Concept

184 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study is devoted to unveil the potential of Visual Thinking in business sessions, also named Graphic Facilitation, and to improve the effectiveness of this method. Sketching is often not considered as a form of thinking in modern educational systems which continue to be based on the study of words and numbers. In decades, the gap has been re-bridging when Visual Thinking in sessions developed in Mid 21st century. However, human interactions are keys to an effective session but not well understood to their influences in sessions in both academic literature and real practice. With Contextmapping method, human interactions are deciphered into a visual summary to reveal core magic of Visual Thinking as Visual Thinkers balancing dynamically between right and left sides of their brains on characteristics, techniques, and roles/functions in sessions. Furthermore, Visual Thinking in sessions is unveiled on its process, techniques, and benefits. A concept is also designed to convey and...
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