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Towards A More Creative World   Bernard Hoffert

Towards A More Creative World

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Creativity and innovation are fundamental to development; whether sciences, technologies, humanities or arts, all depend on innovation for progress, but this is limited by the lack of educational resources specifically addressing innovation. There is no system of education which concentrates on providing the necessary skills to innovate. This text proposes a way forward by reapplying, skills already integral to our educational structures. Innovation also depends on the creative resources available in society. One such resource is offered by the multicultural community, identified in various contexts, yet seldom directly fostered as a resource. This text contends that the creative potential of a community is enhanced by a cultural mix in its population, providing opportunities for the interaction of ideas, the exchange of experience and the interplay of diverse forms of knowledge. Recognizing the creative potential already in our educational systems and community mix, allows us to...
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