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Ballet in London: Yearbook '88/'89  

Ballet in London: Yearbook '88/'89

210x300 140 страниц. 1988 год.
Boland Publishig
This is the first edition of the Ballet In London Yearbook and henceforth it will be published every year on the first day of July. The Yearbook will go hand in hand with the Capital's finest ballet productions, as indicated by Volume One. In this first volume we have concentrated on The Royal Ballet, The London Festival Ballet, and The Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet, but in Volume Two we will look to expand coverage to include other notable ballet companies. The publishers feel the ballet fan to be a neglected species as far as publications are concerned. "We could not find the book we wanted so we published it ourselves". So many great ballet productions go virtually unrecorded. The Ballet In London Yearbook will not allow this to happen in the future. The publishers wish to express grateful thanks to The Royal Ballet, The London Festival Ballet and The Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet. To their artistic directors Anthony Dowell, Peter Schaufuss, and Peter Wright, and...
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