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Beyond Attack   Mark Kostich

Beyond Attack

96 страниц. 2010 год.
Erser and Pond Publishers
Many books have been written about cougar attacks in the wild, providing readers with much-needed information about how to avoid becoming the victim of a dangerous predator's natural hunting instincts. Author and noted wildlife photographer Mark Kostich takes a different approach. He describes in riveting prose the true story of his deadly encounter with a cougar that attacks him when he enters its enclosure in a carnivore sanctuary. He lives to tell the tale, providing invaluable advice to those who have also survived traumatic experiences of their own. There is much to learn from this gripping narrative, especially in terms of what to expect and how to deal with the ongoing anguish that reveals itself in the dark period of seemingly endless nights that lie beyond the attack. MARK KOSTICH is a medical dosimetrist at University of North Carolina Hospitals, and an award-winning international wildlife photographer. His work has been published by National Geographic and is on exhibit...
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