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Britain in Close-up: An In-Depth Study of Contemporary Britain   David McDowall

Britain in Close-up: An In-Depth Study of Contemporary Britain

208 страниц. 2008 год.
This redesigned and updated edition of "Britain in Close-up" is an in-depth study of the public and private faces of contemporary Britain, and thoroughly examines the changes and challenges the nation faces as it enters the twenty-first century. "Britain in Close-up": comprehensively covers aspects of British society from government and politics to culture and style. has extensive activity material at the end of each chapter, complemented with charts, maps and graphs. incorporates Website lists for the latest access to related chapter information. uses a rich array of authentic texts conveniently highlighted in extract boxes. is illustrated throughout with attractive colour and black and white photographs. includes a wide range of bibliographic sources for further reading. Формат: 19,5 см x 26,5 см.
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