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Oriental Arms and Armour in the Hermitage Collection   Vsevolod Obraztsov

Oriental Arms and Armour in the Hermitage Collection

Art Book
70x100/8 232 страниц. 2015 год.
The State Hermitage Publishers
The book is devoted to the Hermitage collection of Oriental arms and armour which traces many centuries of arms production history in different regions of the East - Turkey, Iran, India, Central and Southeast Asia, the Caucasus and the Far East. A significant part of the museum collection was formed in the first half of the 19th century and was based on the personal collection of Emperor Nicholas I. The collection continued to grow as a result of gifts from foreign rulers and diplomats, senior military officers and special acquisitions. It also included items seized as trophies in the numerous wars involving Russia in the countries of the East in the 19th century. A large number of these came from arsenals of the conquered fortresses of Ardabil, Erivan, Erzurum and Adrianople, some were acquired from private collections. The book contains examples of different types of armaments, like armour, edged weapons and firearms, and spans a long chronological period from the late 15th to...
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