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The Way of Enthusiasts  

The Way of Enthusiasts

205x255 216 страниц. 2013 год.
THE WAY OF ENTHUSIASTS is an indirect translation of the name of the Moscow landmark, Shosse Entuziastov, an avenue that connects the city center to the residential districts. The romantic and impassioned foundation that was laid in this name in the 1920s, - as well as the urban environment it designated - gradually changed due to the evolution of the Soviet social project. The continuity of an urban environment embedded in the failure of the modernist Utopia and contaminated by the new capitalist layer of space appropriation represents the main socio-political arena of today and, inevitably, physically and psychologically influences the production of art. The exhibition features spatial commentaries by Russian artists over the last few decades and uses urban and architectural material as a parallel narrative to con-textualize and depict patterns that have lied behind artistic practices since the shift from the Soviet era to a post-ideological society. The conversation between...
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